Being safe means being seen!

We  have dedicated years of experience in delivering a product which could help protect any breakdown situation, contractors who work in dangerous positions like road workers, hedge trimmers and those all important road traffic breakdowns. As a road user being safe means being seen! statistically over 10,000 road worker, 40,000 break downs are involved in further rear end accidents due to poor visibility. All these accidents could easily be avoided with the correct warnings in place.

High Visibility Sign

Even with complete vehicle power failure our signs will not only reflect other road user headlights but also come with a bright led light.

Fast & Safe Installation

You never know when a breakdown might happen to you. Be safe, be prepared and be SEEN with Sign Safe 4 U new light up safety sign.

Carriageway Safe

Our safety sign is safe to use on carriageways as it is fixed to your vehicle unlike all other roadside emergency triangles that are placed on the road.

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Best Quality Design

Our signs are built using the best quality materials for longevity and comply with all government legislation for road traffic signs such as chapter 8 TDRSG Guidelines.

Use on the road

Standard breakdown triangles by law must not be used on motorways due to being blown into on coming traffic, because our signs are fixed to your vehicle they can’t be blown away.

Rear end collisions

Over 160 deaths occurred on the M6 alone n 2019, our aim is to reduce deaths due to rear end collisions caused by poor visibility when a breakdown happens. A simple yet effective sign.

Easy Storage

The sign is designed for easy storage above your spare tyre so boot space is never affected. The clamp attachment can be easily removed meaning space requirement of 5 millimetres is easily achievable.

High Visibility

Current Available Road Safety Signs

Vehicle Breakdown Warning Safety Triangle
Vehicle Breakdown Warning Safety Triangle
New clamp fitting enables this sign to be affixed to your rear wipers in seconds with a secure fitting and led light for high visibility.
Breakdown Safety Triangle
This sign is easily stored with your spare wheel and built with high quality reflective material situated at driver eye level to keep you safe from being rear ended.
Motorhome Breakdown Safety Triangle
Motorhome Breakdown Safety Triangle
Motor Home Breakdown or Caravan sign clamps to your vehicle in seconds to help keep you safe in the event of a breakdown.
Motor Home Breakdown Signs
Ideal Motor Home Breakdown or park signs to help keep you and your vehicle safe when parking or when broken down day or night.
Van & Truck Breakdown Safety Triangle
Van & Truck Breakdown Safety Triangle
Great sign for breakdowns, deliveries or whilst working at the roadside to help keep you and your vehicle safe.
Van & Truck Breakdown Triangle
The new clamp fitting allows you to fit this sign easily to handles, wiper blades and many other areas on your vehicle.

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Client Testimonials

  • The nature of our business means we travel the breadth of the UK, the signs we purchased have been used several times and give us the confidence to know we are safer when breaking down. The quality demonstrates longevity without a doubt.

    Cliff Hickton Optimum Forklift Training Services

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