Car Breakdown Triangle Safety Sign 400×400


Car Breakdown Safety Triangle with Led Light

1 x Breakdown Safety Triangle

Size: 400mm x 400mm x 400mm

1 x Clamp Attachment

1 x Led Light (Batteries included)


Car Breakdown Safety Triangle Signs are innovative detachable safety signs for multi-use for breakdowns / emergencies / stops  / commercial works on multi road networks that takes visibility to an increased level due to their placement position. This location of the sign can be seen further away giving drivers / pedestrians advance warning of the danger ahead and time to react. Class RA2 reflective signs is a motorway standard product which increases the reflection to approaching vehicles.  Triangles cannot be used on a motorway due to being dangerous if blown into oncoming traffic. Sign Safe 4 U signs are not placed on the road surface and are not magnetic.  The sturdy product is  fixed to your vehicles rear windscreen wiper and can withstand adverse weather conditions and high winds from passing vehicles.  Signs are deployed in just seconds as you can see from our video. The visibility is therefore  increased to oncoming traffic / pedestrians giving an early advance warning of a hazard ahead. This product removes a trip hazard as it is placed on the rear of the vehicle.  We have 2 available sizes though can supply bespoke sizes where required.


What’s in the box

1 x Breakdown Safety Triangle

Size: 400mm x 400mm x 400mm

1 x Clamp Attachment

1 x Led Light (Batteries included)



11 reviews for Car Breakdown Triangle Safety Sign 400×400

  1. Andrew merrick

    Quality made signs could be a life saver

  2. Andy Williamson

    This product is fantastic, easy to use and great quality. The company was a pleasure to deal with and thanks to Steve King for your excellent customer service. I will be using this on a 1943 Willys jeep as I have no 4 way flashers on a historic vehicle. I would highly recommend this product to others.

  3. Stephen Mansell

    This is one fantastic safety triangle, a piece of equipment that you hope you’ll never need to use. But in the event of a breakdown this triangle with flashing light and placed at height can been seen from great distances, allowing other vehicle drivers the early sign of a vehicle breakdown. I’ve used this and it was very very effective, I personally feel it could be a lift and property saver. Highly recommended.

  4. Alan Henshall (verified owner)

    Spotted this on Facebook and thought an excellent idea. Ordered and received in 5 days. When I opened the parcel I was pleasantly suprise. It is a top grade item and having had a practice on my farm track it has a very bright flashing light to let cars and lorries know you are there. Far far superior to the old normal warning triangle. I now what I will be giving my grown up children for their birthdays. Cannot recommend more highly.

  5. Mike kelly

    Great piece of kit to have on whatever vehicle your driving or more like your loved ones are driving as this could save your life as we all could find ourselves stranded on a motorway somewhere, be seen be safe.

  6. Karen Morley

    Highly recommend the Triangle Safety Sign, as a woman who travels alone frequently, I bought the sign for peace of mind if I broke down at night. I did break down and was so impressed with the ease to assemble and the effectiveness of the flashing light, brilliant product!

  7. Steve Hughes

    As a driving instructor, I very much endorse road safety. bought this for my Motorhome. A few years ago, I had a blowout on the motorway once when touring. It was just getting dark we abandoned the motorhome on the hard shoulder. I honestly thought something was gonna hit us, it was so scary. We felt so vulnerable. Now we have these ‘so called’ smart motorways, for me, the risk is even greater as there is no hard shoulder. I have seen many disturbing videos on the news and social media of accidents since they went live. Lorries just not seeing the stopped vehicles ahead and plowing into them. Carnage and sad loss of lives. This Triangle is big and its flashing light attached, a great idea, is simply brilliant. I am certainly not wishing for anymore breakdowns of course but I actually look forward to using it to ‘show it off’. Hey guys, “Look what I’ve got” Think anyone seeing one in action will think, Thats clever, love that. The quality is excellent, sturdy/solid, clamp is robust. I am made up with it.

  8. Ron Kirkland

    Fabulous bit of kit. Arrived ready to use and with instructions . Great design and very sturdy, Takes one minute to mount on my van rear door handle, press the button and bingo, lites up like a disco. Great safety design that can be seen from a long way off. Highly recommend this piece of equipment

  9. P Keen

    So glad I bought one each for my granddaughters, now I can feel more relaxed when they go on a long journey should they break down and whilst waiting for help.

  10. Akhtar Ali

    Amazing product, bought this as soon as I saw it for piece of mind as my son drives an old land rover. Hopefully never need to use it, but what a great idea. Especially as Land Rover lights are very dull, triangle gives plenty of light. Well done Steve & Team great product.

  11. Donald Barwis

    We bought triangle through Steve. We didn’t have anything for breakdown, this one is solid sturdy, and fits nicely at the back. Also if we were to breakdown, and was on a corner, you can stand it too. Good price for what it is.

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